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The Project is
spearheaded by Global Heart, Inc.,
a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
based in Miami, Florida,
founded by Donna & Jack Kassewitz.

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Dolphin Ambassador Program

Play a big role in building Human-Dolphin Partnerships for excellent Global Stewardship!

Help us launch the first of its kind Dolphin Ambassador Program. This multi-level certification program uniquely combines fun & educational online classes for all ages, real-life dolphin experiences and scientific research, special events with the experts and environmental action projects. Through these activities, participants earn points and grow their expertise to become certified as Dolphin Apprentices, then Dolphin Diplomats, and finally Dolphin Ambassadors. Our Mission is to empower humanity with practical steps towards building meaningful lifelong relationships with our amazing dolphin friends.

Online course topics include:

  • Dolphin Anatomy
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Communication Research
  • Marine Mammal Rescue
  • History & Future of Human-Dolphin Relations
  • Dolphin Emoji Games - 2 way communication
  • Inspiring Lessons from Dolphins
  • Amazing True Dolphin Reports
  • Dolphin Assisted Therapy
  • Enrichment & Dolphin Games
  • Echolocation
  • Myths vs Facts
  • How to Help Dolphins
  • Whales & other Marine Mammals

Live event experiences include:

  • Online presentations & chats with experts
  • In-person special events at Dolphin embassies
  • In-water Dolphin interactions & research sessions
  • In-water Dolphin Emoji Games - 2 way communication
  • Environmental Action Projects
  • Citizen Science Projects