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The Project is
spearheaded by Global Heart, Inc.,
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based in Miami, Florida,
founded by Donna & Jack Kassewitz.

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Dolphin Energy Medicine Retreats

Dolphin Energy Medicine™

You will LOVE developing YOUR energy healing skills in this one-of-a-kind program with DOLPHINS in the beautiful Caribbean waters of Cancun's famous Riviera Maya.

Master Teacher and Dolphin Ambassador, Donna Kassewitz, will guide you in building YOUR personal relationship with Bottlenose Dolphins during in-water sessions, both giving and receiving energy.

with Donna Kassewitz - EEM CP

Guest embracing dolphin

“The dolphins have issued an invitation to evolve our connection with them. We are being asked to learn how to partner with dolphins to move and transform energy - for our own healing, for the dolphins, and for the Planet. This is the next step in Human-Dolphin Relations!”

- Donna Kassewitz, Founder of DEM and 30 years' experience leading dolphin expeditions.

Dolphin Energy Medicine is for both experienced practitioners and new comers to energy work. Earn a certificate as a Dolphin Ambassador in Dolphin Energy Medicine.

You will enjoy our fun morning classes exploring Energy techniques and fascinating dolphin stories and facts. Then we will slip into the water for our afternoon dolphin sessions. You will Gain NEW ENERGY SKILLS, transformative CONNECTIONS with Dolphins, and new CONFIDENCE in YOUR important role in the world!

Your Participation Includes:

  • Multiple Dolphin Energy Medicine sessions
  • Sea Life Swim program with dolphins, manatees, & sea lions
  • Exciting Pod Games with the dolphins
  • NEW! Dolphin Ambassador Program classes
  • Tour to spectacular Tulum Mayan Ruins
  • Tour for Swimming in spring-filled caves & cenotes
  • Dolphin Energy Medicine Certification
  • Become a Dolphin Ambassador
  • Buffet lunch 5 Days

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In our Dolphin Energy Medicine Sessions the dolphins are our teammates. Experience the fascinating benefits from the Dolphins' mastery of sound!

What a joy to give back to the dolphins! It's fascinating to watch the dolphins relax and receive.

Quiet moments of exchanging energy are transformational. Connecting with the Dolphin's heartbeat is an extraordinary way to bond. This is a sweet memory that you'll treasure!

In our giving back sessions, Tracing Energy Meridians on dolphins is quite the experience.

Our Peace on Earth Flag Ceremony is a dolphin favorite. The Dolphins always tune into our peaceful intent and add their own special vibes.

Our Human Dolphin ball games build extraordinary camaraderie. Tons of laughter, joy and fun!

Guest playing a game with dolphin

Enjoy the delightful Manatees and Sea Lions to expand your marine mammal experience. Each interaction is precious and unique!

Tour the famous historic Mayan ruins of Tulum, Mexico, with the picturesque view of the turquoise Carribean Sea!

Dine each day at charming cafes surrounding the dolphin lagoon. Our group meals and the friendships are legendary!


“Life changing, magical, astonishing, fascinating, fun! I knew I would love every moment, but I had no idea it would be this spectacular.”
- Sheila B.

“Everything I hoped for and more! Perfect mix of beautiful setting, marine life expertise, friendly people, learning, and planetary service.”
- Cindy M.

“The dolphin work felt like a profound connection was created! Donna is a masterful facilitator. The intern experience was well organized, more amazing than I imagined, and well worth the cost. An exceptional environment for healing and mystery.”
- Carolen H.

“This week with Donna and the Dolphins was one of the highlights of my life! The interaction with the dolphins has added so much to my personal healing. Above and beyond my expectations!”
- Rebecca M.

“My interest was primarily to be with dolphins in a healing capacity - to give and receive energy and the dolphins stole my heart! It was also delightful to meet the gentle manatees and clever sea lions.”
- Trudy S.

“The energy sessions with the dolphins profoundly changed me. To hear and feel the dolphins echolocating on your head, your feet, and all around you was literally mind blowing! I also loved the manatees and sea lions, swimming in the cenote and our chanting in the caves. My gratitude to Donna for this impeccably organized week. I cannot stop talking about my new connection to the dolphins and the bonding we all shared.”
- Celine D.

“This trip was profoundly life-changing for me. Donna expertly sets the stage for success and magic to happen and it does! Every day was filled with love, laughs and learning. The location felt like a charming village with excellent restaurants and shops. I eagerly await the opportunity to do this again.”
- Beth T.

“AMAZING! Way BEYOND expectations. I can't stop talking about it. The amount of time we spent with the dolphins and the manatees was exceptional. The entire experience was wonderful - the facility, the staff, the animals, the research team, the organizers, our accommodations, and even the transportation. Donna made this trip so easy. Our condominium was excellent, extremely clean and affordable. Security gate at entrance to the resort area and then again at entrance to condo area. Always felt completely safe.”
- Mary Ann W.