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The Project is
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based in Miami, Florida,
founded by Donna & Jack Kassewitz.

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Research Projects > DATA - Dolphin Acoustic Trainer's Assistant

DATA - Dolphin Acoustic Trainer's Assistant

We are developing this lightweight and waterproof underwater listening system so that dolphin trainers (and researchers) can better recognize the communication between dolphins as the animals carry out their trained behaviors during dolphin swim programs and dolphin shows. We believe the portability of this system will give trainers much insight into underwater interactions (which are often overlooked or impossible for the trainer to view) between dolphins during sessions. Such acoustic insight to each dolphin's communication, will allow the trainer to develop a better working relationship with the animals under their care.

For example, a dolphin trainer using this system on a daily basis, would soon be able to recognize the inh2idual dolphin voices as the dolphins discuss plans to perform a jump that they were just given a signal or command for. This would allow the trainer to refine their own skills for better communication with the dolphins through improved hand signals, whistle blows for bridging, etc. Also, the trainer would be more informed about personality conflicts between dolphins and genuine stress calls - important tools for any dolphin care giver.

This system will also work on research boats, allowing multiple on-board observers to move about the boat freely, while still listening to wild cetacean sounds through their wireless headphones. Please contact us regarding further development of this system.